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Heroes You Should Know

Mission Statement

The Heroes You Should Know project is a practical program of hope and empowerment that teaches individuals, couples, families, and communities how to practice habits that lead to true happiness.


The development, presentation, and dissemination of VirtueYOU through workshops, books, workbooks/curriculum, the VirtueYOU online program, and CD’s/DVD’s


How does the Heroes You Should Know project work?

Briefly, the Heroes You Should Know project is a program that brings hope and empowerment through the identification, study, and ongoing practice of good habits (a.k.a. Virtues).

Aristotle wrote that, “Excellence is a habit not an act.” We don’t change, we don’t become excellent because we feel or think a lot…we change because we develop good habits, and then live them day in and day out!

And there are particular virtues (good habits) that must be acquired for this change to be most transformative and lasting. Philosophy, theology and developmental psychology all affirm this.

Dr. Ross Porter has developed a website (www.heroesyoushouldknow.com) that takes the reader on a journey that includes lectue notes, lesson plans, and activities that will help one explore, understand, and pratrcie five key virtues:  Acceptance, Justice, Courage, Friendship, and Love.

Additionally, Dr. Porter will continue to explore and develop lessons for key virtues that heal and transform individuals, couples, families, and communities when properly understood and practiced. These “habits that lead to happiness” can be practiced one at a time, but are even more impactful when practiced together.

How is the Heroes You Should Know project unique?

The Heroes You Should Know project (HYSK) is unique in several key ways:


Character and moral formation programs have traditionally been theoretical and academic, but not practical and easily accessible to those lacking a background in theology and philosophy. The HYSK program understands that people must understand what virtues are, but they must also understand how to develop them in real life…and this must be done in a time-sensitive manner.


Virtues are never practiced or acquired in a vacuum. Yet, traditionally, character formation programs have lacked a “systems perspective” that takes into account the social context within which one is attempting to practice and acquire virtues, and the challenges inherent. HYSK understands this critical systemic/contextual issue, as well as “sensitive periods” of emotional/psychological development (i.e. when particular virtues can be best understood and practiced). VY seamlessly integrates the best of Social, Developmental, and Family Systems Psychology with the perennial truths of philosophy and theology in order to broaden and deepen the positive impact.


Resisting the typical “shot gun approach” to character and moral formation, HYSK has identified key virtues that, when properly understood and practiced, lead to healing and wholeness for individuals, couples, and families. This discernment of key virtues, these building blocks for a truly successful life, is grounded in Natural Law and essential Judeo-Christian theological truths.

HYSK identifies and defines key virtues that form and inform.

Responsibility, Forgiveness, Availability, Patience, Gratitude

Chastity, Play, Generativity, Empathy, Remembrance

Nurturance, Protectiveness, Adaptability, Communication, Foresight

Justice, Prudence, Courage, Moderation, Religion

Friendship, Modesty, Humility, Audacity, Patriotism

Order, Generosity, Obedience, Industriousness, Honesty


HYSK is presented in an engaging narrative format that is both interesting and empowering, using compelling stories, models, and case studies of everyday heroes from all walks of life in order to bring theory to life. And ready-made action plans provide participants with a concrete blue print for practicing and acquiring the desired virtues, without over-simplifying the subject matter.

Goals for Heroes You Should Know:

  • Seminars to be presented throughout the country
  • Workbooks/Curriculum to accompany the six modules
  • Books (four books are already available fpr purchase via this website, or through Amazon.com)
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Podcasts
  • The Heroes You Should Know online program
  • Impacting culture for Life

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