• Robert Smalls was born into slavery in Beaufort, South Carolina.  And at age 12, his master...
  • Alaska Airline flight attendant Shelia Fedrick didn’t board the plane that fateful day in 2011...
  • In the months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the...
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Our History

Stillpoint Family Resources was founded in 1998. Dr. Ross Porter, Ph.D., M.Div, the founder and executive director writes: "I knew in graduate school that I wanted to establish an organization that served the underserved through counseling, but the inspiration for Stillpoint was the life of our first child John Michael. He was born with Down syndrome, and two major heart malformations. My wife and I were surrounded by loving support, and grew profoundly through the experience. We understood like never before the significance of family, and in gratitude committed ourselves to doing whatever we could to help other individuals and families survive and grow through crises...whatever the crises might be.

"The name Stillpoint comes from T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, where he describes a place of healing, hope, and restoration as the "still point of the turning world."

Through its counseling services, Stillpoint Family Resources is now helping almost two hundred individuals, couples and families every week in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. And through the internet and publishing efforts Stillpoint's educational outreach now extends worldwide.

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