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  • Alaska Airline flight attendant Shelia Fedrick didn’t board the plane that fateful day in 2011...
  • In the months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the...
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Our Vision

The challenges

Never before have so many families -- parents and children alike -- been in search of guidance and coping help as they deal with social, spiritual and psychological challenges. And where there is challenge, even crisis, there is also significant opportunity for growth and healing, and transformation. There is a great need for good news--counsel that encourages, strengthens and heals.

What we believe

Stillpoint Family Resources is committed to changing lives, strengthening families and shaping culture, with a heart for helping underserved people. We don't believe that money should be the deciding factor in whether a family ultimately survives. Through our counseling and educational efforts, we are making an important difference to families in greater Los Angeles and beyond.

What we do

Stillpoint Family Resources provides healing and hope to individuals, couples, and families in need through counseling and educating. We proactively respond to issues that threaten their emotional and spiritual lives. We have offices throughout Southern California, and we also offer support in our books, blogs, and podcasts. Additionally, our speakers' bureau presents seminars and workshops across the country.

How we do it

Stillpoint's unique approach to providing healing and inspiring hope comprises four elements.


Stillpoint takes a unique interdisciplinary counseling approach, featuring the integration of psychology with theology, philosophy and education. With virtually no turnover in Stillpoint’s staff members, clients are assured of the stability that comes from working with the same counselor.

Stillpoint has a strong commitment to helping underserved people. More than 70 percent of our clients pay fees on a sliding fee scale. And we have offices in eight locations throughout Southern California — extending our reach and bringing care to more people in need.


At Stillpoint, we employ a Formation for Excellence training program, complete with our own carefully designed curriculum. Our ongoing training ensures a consistently outstanding response to the issues the people we see are facing.


Stillpoint’s Speaker’s Bureau provides workshops and seminars throughout Southern California and wherever we are invited, reaching individuals, couples families and professionals seeking healing, wholeness, or relevant guidance. Our audience includes parents, teachers, community-service providers, and religious organizations.

And because not everyone can attend a seminar or workshop, we offer psychological and spiritual insights and emotional support through our website. Here, you can read Stillpoint blogs or listen to podcasts that blend psychological insights with spiritual direction.


We publish articles and books about family life, psychological and spiritual integration, and habits that lead to true happiness. The cornerstone of our publishing effort is VirtueYou, a program for change created by Dr. Ross Porter, Ph.D., the founder and executive director of Stillpoint Family Resources.

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