• Robert Smalls was born into slavery in Beaufort, South Carolina.  And at age 12, his master...
  • Alaska Airline flight attendant Shelia Fedrick didn’t board the plane that fateful day in 2011...
  • In the months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the...
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We take great pride in our “Formation for Excellence” training program complete with Stillpoint's own carefully sculpted curriculum for forming our counselors. Staff members at Stillpoint are always striving to be the best counselors that they can possible be through ongoing formation and continuing education. We are always learning and growing.

At Stillpoint, low cost therapy is the rule and not the exception. Yet we are unique from the typical community clinic because we do not depend on student clinicians, who must rotate out of a clinic after six to nine months due to their academic schedules. Our staff clinicians are long-term, providing on-going stability critical for treatment of significant clinical issues. There is almost no turnover at Stillpoint.

If you need to work on significant trauma, if you need to work on issues that aren’t going to get resolved in 6 sessions or 8 sessions, you can rest assured that the clinicians at Stillpoint will be there for you as long as you need them to be there.

We have a deep respect for family life as the foundation of society, and our basic philosophy that no one is born in isolation, injured in isolation or healed in isolation. Wherever we go, we are embraced by family and must learn to interact with family in increasingly healthy ways if we want to experience deep peace and joy. This is true whether it be our family-of-origin, a family formed by marriage, a family formed by friendships in community, or a combination of all three.

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